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Cervicogenic Dizziness : Live

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Physical Therapists : Intermediate Level

Course Description

This course is intended for physical therapists with experience managing patients with dizziness whom wish to improve their skill in differential diagnosis, manual examination and treatment of those patients whose dizziness has a cervicogenic component. Pre- assigned readings, and handouts will be emailed out before the class to familiarize the participant with the relevant literature, allowing the majority of time and emphasis to be on practicing motor skills. The course begins on Saturday morning will begin with a written examination. Lab sessions on Saturday and Sunday will allow practice of examination and intervention skills. Each day will conclude with a practical exam. Participants who pass all exams (>75%score) will receive a certificate of achievement. Therapists will be able to immediately apply acquired skills in the clinical setting.

Objective : Approved for 0.16 CEU's

The participant will be able to:

  • Discuss the literature relevant to the etiology, diagnosis and management of cervicogenic dizziness.

  • Recognize and differentiate the causes and clinical presentation of cervicogenic dizziness

  • Detemine when referral to another health care provide is warranted.

  • Preform a physical examination of the cervical spine relevant to cervicogenic dizziness, and interpret the result.

  • Design, perform and teach an appropriate intervention program to address the deficiencies identified in a person with cervicogenic dizziness

  • Perform manual intervention to the cervial spine that are appropriate for cervicogenic dizziness

What to Except

Cervicogenic Dizziness

  • Pay

    Sign up and pay for the courses. Participates must pay for both the lecture class and the in person course.

  • Lecture

    Lecture course must be completed before coming to the in person class. Please remember to bring your certification of completion with you to your in-person course.

  • In Person

    Practicing examination and intervention skills. Certification for this course will be given out at the end of the class.

Instructor: Rob Landel, PT, DPT, FAPTA 

 Board Certified Specialist in Orthopedic Physical Therapy          

Co-sponsors: The American Physical Therapy Association, Emory University, and Skill Works. 

Saturday :

7:30 am 
Check -In 
Start Time 
Review : Central & Peripheral Vestibular Examination 
Physical Examination of the C-spine 
12:00 pm
Lunch (OYD) 
1:00 pm 
LAB : Passive movement testing
4:00 pm
Written Test on Readings, Friday lecture practice time 1 
5:30 pm 
Competency testing 
End Time


8:00 am 
Manual Intervention
 Practice time and Lunch (OYD) 
Competency Testing: Intervention